Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Website Wednesday: Geek Edition

crocheted hyperbolic plane

On Wednesdays I write about websites that I visit often.

I'm a geek and proud of it. It is possible that only one of our readers (you know who you are, Bob S.) will think these websites are as cool as I do. But hey, you never know.

Earth Science Picture of the Day Just what it sounds like. Each day a different image or photograph is featured, with an accompanying caption, which deals with various topics in Earth Science. Covering everything from geology to astronomy to weather, some of these photos are breathtakingly beautiful. My favorites are eclipses and ice crystals.

Earthquake animations Provides an accelerated view of the quakes which occurred during the past 7 days in California and Nevada. If you know of something similar for other states, let me know in the comments. Oddly enough, the main website is focused on classical music.

Math, Physics and Engineering animations Cool little movies that demonstrate difficult to visualize physics phenomena. I wish I'd known about this site when I was a microwave tube engineer. The "waveguide modes" applet is awesome!

A Gallery of Crocheted Hyperbolic Models Hyperbolic planes, pseudospheres, spirals, all made of brightly colored yarn. Instructions included so you can make your own. Makes me want to learn to crochet.


  1. perhaps this astronomy site might interest you
    i read your blog all the time and find it extremely interesting and informative
    thank you


  2. Colin:
    Very nice! I will definitely look at that one on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sure, I like geek web sites, but my favorite one (other than ourodyssey) is

    Bob S.


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