Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We are at the Spur 406 primitive campground in the Amistad National Recreation Area (map).

Not unlike the 277 North campground where we stayed three years ago, this one is located at the end of the old US90 grade that has been inundated by the flooding of Lake Amistad. The old grade disappearing into the lake made for a nice, mud-and-brush free bottom for wading into the lake yesterday afternoon, although the water was a bit cold for a full swim.

There are eight "developed" sites here (with concrete picnic tables, metal ramadas, trash cans, and BBQ grills), and some indeterminate number of "dispersed" sites, along with two vault toilets. We had the whole place to ourselves, however -- not another soul here. A couple of cars have come and gone this morning on their way to the lake, presumably to fish.

With the place empty like this, and the temperatures in the extremely pleasant 70s-80s, we're tempted to stay another day or two. It was dark and quiet last night, and the stars were incredible, with only a faint glow of the twin cities of Del Rio and Acuña in the distance. However, we're now committed to be in Big Spring on Friday, so we will move along.

I'm just wrapping up a Red Cross conference call now, and we'll stay for lunch before hitting the road. We have a few more miles on US90, then we'll turn north on Texas 163.

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  1. Oh, oh, oh. My wife and I took TX163 some number of years ago on our Goldwing. It's gorgeous! If it weren't for the telephone poles, you'd swear it was sometime in the 1800s. Good viewing


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