Sunday, April 27, 2008

Free to good home...

One cat, American Short Hair, gray. No, wait, wrong listing.

As I wrote earlier today, I've been going through my pile of things that are too valuable to throw away, but that I no longer need. Many such items have already gone into the charity-donation pile, such as clothes (including a gorgeous Bill Blass suit that was hard to part with, but I just don't wear in our current lifestyle). The things that don't go into the charity pile are withheld for a reason: either they are worthwhile selling on-line, such as my old laptop, or I'm afraid that the charity will just not know what to do with them, and might be tempted to throw them away, such as obscure electronics without packaging or manuals.

The prospect of electronics with heavy metals and other dangerous materials indiscriminately ending up in a landfill someplace always gives me pause, and causes me to take extra effort to find someone who is willing to put them to use. So, for many of these items, I take the considerable time to list them on eBay, even if I will barely break even. I have several such items listed now.

But eBay and PayPal both assess fees that, coupled with the risk factor, make some items unsuitable even for eBay. I still can't bring myself to put them either in the trash or the charity box, and so I am offering them to you, our readers, for only the cost of the postage. (Louise favors not even asking for the postage, but this is my own little way of ensuring that the items go to someone who will really use them, rather than just toss them.)

So, without further ado, here is the list of items I am giving away. The first email I receive requesting each item will get that item -- go to the "who we are" page for my email address (don't forget to remove the spam-blocking part of the address).
  • 128 MB compact flash (CF) card for cameras, Janome, Palm, etc. [Taken]
  • PCMCIA Adapter for compact flash (CF) cards [Taken]
  • ZIO brand USB compact flash (CF) card reader with drivers [Taken]
  • Serial data cable for Motorola StarTac phones
  • Special StarTac-to-Sony-CliĆ© data cable
  • Sony CliĆ© USB sync/charging cable (more portable than the bulky stand)
  • 3Com EtherLink III 10Base-T PCMCIA Ethernet card, with dongle
  • DeLorme Topo USA v4.0, entire USA, on CD (7 disks) [Taken]
  • TOPO! (by Wildflower) San Francisco and Napa/Big Sur (2 CD's) [Taken]
  • TOPO! Los Angeles and Santa Barbara (2 CD's) [Taken]
  • Nikon Nuvis-S APS camera, working but scuffed on the outside protective case, with fairly fresh battery and one unused but old roll of Kodak APS film, however no user manual (can be purchased on-line for $7, possibly downloaded for less). [Taken]
  • Panasonic RN-109 Microcassette recorder. Runs on 2 AA batteries. Scuffed on the outside, but working. Comes with earphone. Built-in mic, with voice activation. [Taken]
  • Tie-clip microphone, Radio Shack. Used with above recorder. [Taken]
  • Inductive suction-cup pickup for old-style telephone handsets, also used with above recorder. [Taken]
The scuffing mentioned on the above items is from jiggling around the drawer of a moving bus and the glovebox of a motorcycle.

If you have questions about any item, please post them in the comments so everyone will be able to see the answer.

I will update this post as each item is spoken for.

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