Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Website Wednesday: Scenic Videos

On Wednesdays I write about websites that I visit often.

Folks have been enjoying the videos lately, so here are a few from Our Odyssey's archives. If you've been reading for a while, these will look familiar.

The picture quality varies widely on these; no, it's not your monitor. I've learned a lot about my camera and video editing software in the last two years. The video hosting site I use,, has evolved during that time as well.

Along the Pacific Ocean: California and Washington coast

Two Baja road videos: La Paz to CataviƱa and Ten Things to Do While Driving in Baja. (If you missed the videos of our Copper Canyon Piggyback Train trip in Mexico, this post has them all together.)

Changing weather through the front windscreen.

Pure tourist stuff: The San Antonio River Walk and scenes from our St. Louis Riverboat tour.

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  1. passed you this pm at 2:30 at walmart in uvalde tx. the bus looks larger than the pic.




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