Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hurry up and wait

We're back at the Wal-Mart on Exposition in Aurora (map), where I spent three days last week.

We came here after the Flying-J because (a) it's the closest spot to the Aurora main post office, (b) the Century 16 cinema is across the street and (c) there are several restaurants nearby. These were factors because (a) I'm still waiting for a delivery, (b) we wanted to see the new Indiana Jones movie and (c) we went out to dinner with Jim and Pat last night.

On the mail front, I finally got a tracking number from the sender -- I've been hounding him for it for six days now, and life would have been much simpler had he simply used the eBay shipping tools, which would have sent me the number upon shipment. Unfortunately, the tracking says the package was "delivered" on the 19th. Since I did not pick it up, it's anyone's guess to whom it was "delivered." I am now waiting for the Altura station manager to call me back with word on exactly which postal employee scanned it as "delivered" and what may have happened to it. We should hear in another couple hours.

On the movie front, we both enjoyed the film, even if it was rather formulaic. It's the first feature film we've actually seen in a cinema in as long as either of us can remember. Usually when we are parked within walking distance of a cinema we read the marquee and shrug our shoulders because neither of us has even heard of the dozen selections playing. We found the place surprisingly uncrowded for a holiday, and they even let us in for the matinée price.

Jim and Pat came over around six, and we headed over to Macaroni Grill for dinner. It was great catching up with them. There's a small chance we'll be able to join them for the Converted Coach FMCA pre-rally after Escapade, although we've no plans to attend the FMCA convention this time around.

We're planted here now until we get to the bottom of the package mystery. I am hopeful that we'll have a definitive answer today, which will likely be one of three things:
  1. The package was mistakenly marked delivered, and has, instead, been returned to sender.
  2. The package was mistakenly "delivered" to either a PO box in the station, or to one of the other suites that shares the same building and street address with the postal station.
  3. The package was mistakenly marked delivered and is still actually sitting in the station somewhere or on a carrier vehicle.
If the package is in or near the station, we should be able to recover it today. If it's been returned to sender or just lost, we'll give up on it entirely. So in either case, we should be able to leave Aurora today and start heading north.

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  1. my amusing little post office story from Canada: This summer I am managing a 15 cabin resort on Lake Huron (Ontario) A guest took the key home by mistake, she called and I suggested she just pop it in a mailbox to send back.
    A couple of days later in the evening I rec'd. a call from the post master of a big city (Windsor) asking to speak to Kilbryde ?? Of course that is the name of the cottage. The women had simply thrown the key into a city mailbox sans envelope ! lucky our phone # was on it. The Postmaster kindly mailed it to us. People are funny ! You would not believe the stories I could tell you ! Hope you get your package... Kelly


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