Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I know you all think Sean is a really smart guy, but...

At dinner at the historic Old Faithful Inn.

Sean: What's the dessert that comes with the buffet?
Louise: Bread pudding, my favorite! Are you going to have some?
S: Just get a little extra for me, and I'll have some of yours.

Louise returns with a large bowl of chocolate chip bread pudding with vanilla sauce. Sean takes one bite and puts down his fork.

L: Don't you like it?
S: It's fine, that's all I want.
L: I brought extra just for you! You have to help me eat it.
S: I only wanted one bite. Why did you bring so much extra?
L: The serving spoon was the size of my left buttock! I couldn't scoop just one extra bite.
S: Wow, that's a huge serving spoon.

Photo by varmazis


  1. I'm sure that his eyes bugged out when he realised what he had said. *wipes away tears*

  2. First off, what I said was "Wow, that's a big spoon."

    Now, what went on during the "pause":

    Sean carefully weighs how much pain and suffering he will endure for one cheap joke, after the door has been left standing wide open. Decides he can live with the consequences, including being hoist by his own petard here on the blog.

    The look I got back, by itself, made it worthwhile. And, FWIW, we both laughed so hard we nearly fell off our chairs.

  3. And now he thinks it will somehow help his cause if he leaves a big reBUTTal in the comments?

    I think the sheets are clean on the hide-a-bed.

  4. Louise (holding a HUGE bowl of bread pudding): That serving spoon was the size of my left buttock...

    Sean (alternate reply): So, you only got half a scoop, huh?

    Now, THAT would have been a brave comment...

  5. Sean, It's really hard to keep your "points" on the plus side if you insist on losing them that fast. Ha Ha Steve & Carol

  6. Oh Sean, Sean, Sean. You NEVER take that open door! It is a TRAP! It is NOT an open door but a huge pit with a live tiger at the bottom.

    Louse - clean sheets??? Don't you think they could use a little bread pudding first? :)


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