Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Miscellany: What Are You Working For?

Monday is the day for miscellaneous topics

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  2. That question is what got me on my current path.

    I've found my coach. It's not a bus, which surprised me, but I found the perfect compromise. It's still way too early to celebrate, but I'm fairly confident that this is 'it.'

    While I've contemplated this nomadic life for a long time, I maintain that it was Louise's post about the Soft Paws that made me realise that there was a solution to every single excuse I had for not getting on the road.

    You both have been such an inspiration. Thank you.

  3. @Raven: Congratulations on finding the right rig! That's really great news.

    I'm so tickled that you found inspiration here, especially through the SoftPaws post. Maybe you should send your story to the manufacturer of the claw covers. Who knows? They might send you a lifetime supply :-)

    In all seriousness, your comment made my day. Thanks.

  4. If your cat is scratching on it's sisal post or your furniture, it means that they are trying to get rid of the ends of their claws. It is more comfortable for them to walk when their nails are shorter. If you snip the ends off with some toenail clippers, they won't scratch things.
    If I see loose ends of Bobcat's nails at the bottom of her scratching post, I know that I haven't trimmed them like I should.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX.


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