Friday, July 25, 2008

The George report

Just a couple minutes here for an update...

The vet called Wednesday afternoon to say that the ultrasound showed the stone had passed, and George was acting like a whole different cat. Louise borrowed a car and made the 45-minute trek up there to pick her up.

We're really glad to have her back, and she seems equally happy to be home. More later.

In other news, we weathered the storm here in San Antonio by tucking the bus under a 10' roof overhang at headquarters, so our leaks were not too troublesome. Now that the storm is past, operation management is looking at possibly moving us all to the Rio Grande valley, possibly Pharr or Harlingen. We should know more later today.


  1. Now that George is better, you can concentrate on all else, must be a relief.

  2. I'm fairly new to reading your blog. What is leaking on Odyssey?

  3. Wonderful news regarding George!!!

    I wanted to say I've set up a monthly donation to the Red Cross inspired by all the wonderful work you do for them and your writing about it here. I wish I could take time to volunteer, so this is what I can do instead.

  4. @Lance: Thank you for your donations! That is a very generous gesture. Your money is a vital part of how the Red Cross fulfills its mission.

    @Anonymous: We have quite a number of window leaks. If you use the "search" box at the top of each page and type in "window leak" you can read all the gory details!

  5. That's so great to hear about George!! I've been worried about her, and am glad to hear she's doing better.

    Thanks for keeping us informed!


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