Friday, September 19, 2008

Red Stick

We are in Baton Rouge. It's a zoo here, and we had trouble finding parking last night, so we spent the night in a church parking lot. We'll move this morning before anyone gets here, and sort out a more permanent parking arrangement later today.


  1. What is "Red Stick"?

  2. Well, find a stick, paint it red! Voila! A Red Stick. Laugh.

  3. Red = Rouge
    Stick = Baton

    Baton Rouge = Stick Red (or Red Stick, as it's known by locals)

  4. Hope that you folks are doing well. Deb and I and the Bluebird have been on the road for about 3 weeks, first to Louisiana to work Gustav and then on to Texas to work Ike. Looks like we'll be in Houston for some time. Perhaps we'll run across each other. I was tryng to find your backchannel email but, alas, couldn't find it and figured that we'd go ahead and post publicly.

    Keep up the good work!

    --PirateJohn and Ms. Deborah--

  5. I'm enjoying your website and blog. My mom gave me a family membership to 1000 trails. For now I'm just renting trailers when I need them.

    Your Odyssey is very impresive. You both must have a lot of mechanical skills to keep it running.

    Keep up the great stories as you continue your journey.


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