Friday, November 7, 2008

Autumn on the Trace

We are at the Rocky Springs campground on the Natchez Trace Parkway (map).

This is the southernmost of three free campgrounds on the parkway. There are many other camping opportunities as well -- the parkway runs right past a number of state parks, and there are private campgrounds within easy reach of the exits. However these Park Service operated campgrounds are directly accessible from the parkway itself, are in lovely rustic and wooded settings, have the usual Park Service amenities such as grills, fire rings, and picnic tables (this one also has flush toilets and running water in the rest rooms), and, best of all, are absolutely free.

On our last jaunt down the Natchez Trace, this campground at mile 54, as well as the Jeff Busby site at mile 193, were both closed due to damage from Katrina. That meant that we not only missed camping here, but also touring the ghost town site of Rocky Springs. Yesterday we took the scooters out and rode up there -- it's quite interesting. We also stopped yesterday at the site of the oldest inn on the Trace, preserved and restored by the Park Service.

We were a bit surprised that the campground here was two thirds full when we arrived around 2:30 -- it's November, after all, and most of the snowbirds are already further south. We're glad we arrived when we did, as several more folks came in after us. Only perhaps four or five of the 22 sites here have a clear shot to our satellite, and we were lucky to get the last one -- and it is a very narrow shot, indeed. We're happy to be in the trees, though, as the fall color is quite nice, as it has been all along this stretch of the parkway.

Our next stop from here will be the Flying-J in Jackson, where diesel is now $2.739 per gallon. We'll likely find someplace to stay in Jackson for tonight.


  1. The larger number of people in the camps might be due to the reduced number of available sites due to damage.

    Then again, perhaps there are a few more full-timers in the area due to the economy. For some it might suddenly have become a desirable option.

  2. I fueled two of our buses last night for $2.62 a gallon at the Fulton, KY Walmart just NE of us! FWIW
    Have a great day!


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