Friday, December 12, 2008


We are at the Savannah Mall, in (where else) Savannah, Georgia (map).

This really was not our plan, but it worked out well. Yesterday, we took US-301 south out of Orangeburg, connecting with US-321, which deposited us on I-95 just shy of the Savannah river. After crossing into Georgia with no definitive stopping plan, we first saw a billboard for Camping World, then one for Bass Pro Shops. CW came up first, and we pulled off there.

Turns out that this store, just off exit 102 and attached to an RV dealer, has very limited parking -- just four RV spaces. The store told us we were welcome to park for one night, and the spaces even had 50-amp hookups; we managed to snag the last one when we rolled up. After we finished our shopping (empty-handed -- the small store did not have the guidebooks we were looking for), we spent a few moments discussing our options.

While the free 50-amp hookup was attractive, we really did not need it with full batteries and mild weather. The only restaurant choices in walking distance were Cracker Barrel and Waffle House, and the spaces were just 12' wide, making for a very close-up and personal experience with the neighbors.

Remembering the sign for Bass Pro at exit 94, we looked them up to find they were seven miles east of the highway, but with several restaurants an easy walk. Plus, we figured it to be a less claustrophobic experience, and so we called the store to find out if they permitted overnight parking, as many of them do. That's when they let us know that they were actually in the mall, and we could park overnight so long as we called ahead and let them know what night, since they would have to inform mall security. So we said "tonight!"

We had a nice and mostly quiet stay, and got some shopping (and some returns) done as well. We ate at Texas Roadhouse right in the mall. And, while we had hoped to look up some friends who live just 20 minutes from here, Louise was still feeling crappy enough that we decided to forgo it for this pass; if you guys are reading: we'll catch you next time.

Today we will continue south to Kingsland, where we hope our mail will arrive by this afternoon. We have an offer of a parking spot from friends-of-friends there, so we're set in case we need to wait till tomorrow, or even Monday, to get it.


  1. Sean,
    Phil can't find the Orangeburg SC Elks in the national directory. Can you tell us about it? Hook ups? Cost? Thanks
    Safe travels!

  2. You left the N.E. too soon! You missed the big Ice storm here in New Hampshire.
    Safe travels!

    Concord, NH

  3. Hi
    You got past us here on Jekyll Island but not too far!
    this Island is well worth stopping
    at with the open view of beachs!( at least for now) and the historic district too.
    We would still love to meet you how??

  4. @Joy and Phil: You need to get the Elks Travel Guides, one of many resources which Louise discussed here.

    I also recommend you join the Elks RV Parking Yahoo Group,, which provides more up-to-date listings.

    My writeup there on Orangeburg reads, in part:

    ... Room for several rigs on the lawn at the northwest corner of the
    property. There are five 30-amp electrical boxes, one 15-amp GFCI,
    and four water spigots. It is possible to get perhaps four big rigs hooked up with judicious parking, and possibly five rigs if a couple of them are 30' or smaller, again with judicious parking.

    Ground was reasonably firm, but our 24-ton rig left a visible
    impression. One needs to drive perhaps 150' across the lawn to reach the hookups.

    ... No donation was requested when we checked in with the lodge. ...


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