Friday, January 23, 2009

Thawing out

We are at the Bass Pro Shop in Ashland, Virginia, just north of Richmond (map).

We had noticed this brand new store, complete with Islamorada Fish Company restaurant, as we whizzed passed on our way north to DC, and made a note of it. Bass Pro Shops generally have a designated oversize vehicle area and allow overnight parking, and this one turned out to be no exception.

Yesterday we retraced our route from December as far as I-95, then hopped on the Interstate to beat a quick retreat from the cold. When we fueled up at the Flying-J in Carmel Church, though, it was a balmy 50 degrees, as the region is seeing some relief from the subfreezing cold earlier in the week. That allowed us the luxury of a shorter day and a stop here. Remembering that all the truck stops on the way north had their water spigots shut off, we put some water into our completely empty tank at the Virginia Welcome Center north of the Flying-J, which gives us another day or so.

Today we will begin our gradual sweep west, heading southwest towards Greensboro and Charlotte. US-360 will bring us to Danville, where we will pick up US-29 through the Carolinas.

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