Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Talkback Tuesday: From the Archives

Tuesday is "Talkback" day, where I share what other people have to say

Last year, I posted a place where our readers could share their websites. Over 65 folks did, so if you haven't looked at the list lately, you might want to check it out. If you're a new reader, feel free to add your site to the list as well.

Some of the links are other travel blogs, some are professional business sites, and others are hard to categorize. We have visited them all. Thanks for sharing!

Sean also answered a question about cell phone amplifiers in the comments of that post. If that is of interest to you, be sure to read the comments.

Photo by kakachu


  1. Its been over a year since I started to read this journal, and have read many of the older posts too. You folks have inspired us in many ways, but this afternoon I purchased a People 200S. In "ticket me" Red. 15 years ago I rode a helix for a couple of years, but fell out of the scooter world entirely. I had never heard of Kymco until reading this blog. I hope to load it on the back of my travel trailer for travel adventures yet to come. Thanks for the gentle shove in this direction.

  2. @Rod: Glad we could be of help. Enjoy your new scooter...that 200S will run circles around our dinky steeds.


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