Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blogging from Trinidad, mon

No, not "de islands" but, rather, the California coastal village, where we are parked at the Cher-Ae Heights Casino (map).

This casino is very RV-friendly, having not only a separate, dedicated RV lot (oddly, striped for passenger cars) but also eight or so fresh water hose bibs arranged along one side. The casino and its tasty smoke-free fine dining restaurant is a short walk (or shuttle ride) away, and we have a view of the Pacific, albeit somewhat obstructed by lush conifers.

This is our first stay here, and we each got $5 in casino credit when we signed up for the players' club, which we parlayed into $10 in real cash at a pair of video poker machines. Speaking of which, yes, we did manage to turn our $10 in funny-money into $11 or so in cash at the Sho-Ka-Wah, and got a pair of free breakfasts to boot Monday morning.

Since we have the RV lot to ourselves, and the tribe is OK with it, we decided to spend two nights here. We bought ourselves a nice dinner in their restaurant last night, and tonight we'll clean the leftovers out of the fridge. This afternoon, we had a pleasant walk down "Scenic Drive" (really) as far as the trail to Baker Beach. This is really a hidden gem here on the coast, and we are adding it to our list of "secret spots."

I am having a bit of difficulty getting back into the "groove" of blogging every time we move, after a couple of blog-free weeks in San Jose. I think I need to keep the posts fairly short until I can find my muse again. Instead I have been busying myself with selling stuff on eBay, mostly that we rescued from our minuscule storage closet while we were in San Jose.

From here will will continue north to Crescent City, where we will turn inland on historic US-199 to Grants Pass.


  1. Maybe what you need is a little positive reinforcement. I really enjoy your journal and sharing your adventures.

  2. Hey you guys, you're in our old stomping grounds, too funny. Hope the weather is holding out and you've got some of that rare Humboldt Sunshine during your stay. It's a nice place to visit, but . . .

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Sean & Louise,
    Thanks as always for sharing your grand adventure -come lifestyle. Sean re your muse taking some time off... So you post short items every now and then, who cares? We'll keep checking in, you folks stay safe and enjoy the road!


  4. It's interesting how many bloggers, me included, got behind in their posts during April! Wonder if it's because spring is in the air?


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