Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shaky Town

We are parked adjacent to Buena Vista Park
in San Francisco, a neighborhood aptly known as Buena Vista and just a couple blocks from The Haight and The Castro (map). This is Odyssey's first ever overnight within the city limits.

Our friend Neal lives in this neighborhood, and when we revealed that we were planning on leaving the south bay to the north and across the Gate, a plan was hatched to quarter us here for the night. We had a great visit with Neal and with Robert and Linda over in Noe Valley. Neal was kind enough to schlep us over to Noe Valley last night and again this morning, and we enjoyed a nice Thai dinner last night at a local eatery, and Linda made us a home cooked breakfast this morning.

All in all a great visit and a great way to spend a weekend here in Fog City. We spent Friday night in Sunnyvale, parked in front of the house of our friends Steve and Lisa and their kids Tatiana and Spencer, our pseudo niece and nephew. Another great dinner followed by a nice breakfast. Yesterday we had a pleasant drive up scenic I-280, followed by a few butt-clenching blocks on Fell Street, where the inflections at the intersections threatened to low-center the bus every block. Neal had graciously staked out a pair of adjacent parking spaces here on Buena Vista for us earlier in the day, and, in spite of a rather steep couple of blocks to get here, it is actually fairly level on this stretch.

We really enjoy the lifestyle here in San Francisco, even though we rarely got up here when we actually lived in the bay area. The city is on our short list of places where we might settle down for a while, whenever the travel bug releases its grip. Robert, Linda, and Neal are all friends from our motorcycle touring days, and we also confess to missing that aspect of our more stationary lives. We were sorry to have missed them this year in Baja in February, but we are hoping to catch back up with them next year at the same time.

In a few minutes we will head over to 19th and north to the bridge, and then to Petaluma where the Elks lodge is reported to have a dump station. After two full weeks in the bay area, we are due.


  1. One of the best parts of being in an RV for us is the chance to connect with great friends and spend time together. We parked at a friends house the other night on our way from here to there, went out to dinner with them, left in the morning.

  2. WOW! You guys are SO brave! I can't believe you got to park there, and made it through city traffic. You're nuts!!! But I love it.

    Jim and I met in San Francisco and lived there for years. We miss it, but not enough to move back.

    Enjoy your trip north. HiTek Homeless just told me that they had success parking along the Marina in Eureka's Waterfront district. If you're bored and want to spend a day there, you should be OK.

  3. @Johnny: Thanks for the comment.

    @Rene: Thanks for the link and suggestion. I had not realized that Eureka passed such an ordinance. As you can see, however, we are parked across the causeway at the Samoa Cookhouse. Good to know, though, in case we need to spend some time in town. We've done the whole downtown Eureka thing in years past, though.


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