Friday, June 26, 2009

Fuzzy Friday: Ladders Optional

On Fridays I write about our pets

The ladder may be optional, but apparently the complaining is mandatory.


  1. Great Video! My wife and I got a good laugh ........Later, Doug S.

  2. Y'know, the idea of travelling with pets seems at first to be a perplexing notion. I've come to realise though that, the entertainment value can far outweigh any other concerns. I've watched this one a few times now. Thanks.
    Oh, and we have an expression at our house when the cat jumps down off the bed upstairs: "The fat just hit the floor".

  3. @Bob, you're right. The pets are worth their weight in entertainment gold. I wish I had videos of some of the cats' epic slap-fights on the bed, or the spectacle of Opal barking furiously at a plastic bag that is clearly a threat to Odyssey's security. It's difficult to catch them in the act of being funny.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the video.


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