Monday, September 21, 2009

Heading for the lake

We are at the Elks lodge in Lexington, Ohio (map). The lodge is essentially in a strip mall, and we are in the parking lot. The lodge was also closed when we arrived, and we'll likely be on the road before it opens; apparently, the lodge is now sharing its facility with a restaurant open to the public.

As we get closer to Lake Erie, Ohio is becoming less rural and more suburban; US-42 was still rather narrow with almost no shoulders as we left London, but after Delaware it became luxuriously wide, with comfortable shoulders, full-size lanes, and even wake-up strips on the edges. Today I expect more of the same as we approach Cleveland, but we will move over onto I-71 once we hit the outskirts.

Tonight we will be in Willowick, east of Cleveland, where we will visit with friends. We may also take an extra night to visit Cleveland itself.

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  1. The NYT just had an article about visiting Cleveland.

    There's been so many negative things said about Cleveland over the years that I just have say that it is a nice place to visit.


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