Monday, October 5, 2009


We are at yet another Irving Oil station, A.E. Robinson, in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine (map). Our parking spot here is immediately adjacent to the immaculately groomed athletic fields at the Foxcroft Academy, a private preparatory boarding school that appears to be one of the principal landmarks of the town.

Once again we were condemned to a night at a gas station by virtue of the fact that there are, literally, no other options in this part of the state. There was a beautiful wayside about half an hour west, but no overnight parking, and the state park a few miles north of here closed on September 30th. The nearest commercial campground that might be open is a good deal west of here, and also several miles off our route. So when we rolled into town, we asked permission here; the manager on duty had to call the owner, but it turned out to be no problem.

It's a little over a mile into town from here, but it was dry enough in the evening, after another day of rain, that we opted to walk in and have dinner at the Nor'Easter restaurant, which appeared to be the best of the three local options. This morning I was feeling guilty that we spent the night but had not actually purchased anything here, so I went inside and bought a tasty breakfast sandwich -- they have a small short-order grill on premise.

Today we will continue east to Milo, where we will turn north and head for the northernmost corner of the state.

Photo taken at a small rest area on Hwy 16 in western Maine.

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