Saturday, December 12, 2009

Everyone loves a parade

We are parked in a secure location in the Fort Lauderdale area, the exact position of which I will not disclose for security reasons.

Yesterday afternoon our friends Martin and Steph picked us up and we headed north to Del Ray, where some cruising friends of theirs have a house right on the ICW. We all sat on their boat over wine and appetizers watching the Del Ray holiday boat parade - what a hoot. Afterwards we walked down Del Ray's cute but touristy main drag and had dinner at a local eatery.

Dinner was quite tasty, and we enjoyed meeting CJ and Margie. We had great weather for the parade, good wine, and good company. It was our last chance to see Steph before she headed out today

This morning I packed for my brief excursion to California, and I also found time to remove a bad thermal cutout from the air compressor -- Louise would otherwise have had to move the bus to reset the darn thing. I'll try to get a new one before we leave on our cruise; it's merely bypassed for now.

As I am writing this on my Blackberry, we are on our friend Steve's boat, anchored on the ICW awaiting the start of Fort Lauderdale's holiday boat parade. I expect this one to be much larger than last night's, but we'll probably see quite a few of the same boats.

Tomorrow Louise needs to get me to the airport at 5:30. Ugh.


  1. Sean and Louise -
    It was a great pleasure to meet you guys and I am glad I was able to help Louise get her certification completed. We picked a great day to go diving, that's for sure!! Wish you many great travels (and lots of diving!) and, if you make it back down this way again, be sure to look me up!!


  2. Thanks, Doug! It was really fun. I'll see you Monday at the dive shop to finish up the paperwork.


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