Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back into Winter

We are at a Wal-Mart in Tallahassee Florida (map). This is a familiar stop for us, having been here at least twice before. It was in the low 30s when we woke this morning; I'm starting to miss south Florida already.

Even though Tally was only a couple hours from where we started yesterday, we wanted to grab a subsidized lunch over at our reciprocal club here, on the FSU campus. Also, we knew this Wal-Mart would make a good stop.

At this moment, I have NASA TV on, watching the count for the Atlas-V launch of the Solar Dynamics Observatory. This is the launch we ruminated about staying in Titusville for. It is looking like we made a good choice, as high winds at the site are threatening to scrub. It's already been postponed to the middle of the one-hour window; we'll have to leave for the club just a few minutes later, so if they postpone to the end of the window we'll miss it. I'm watching the count because I am curious whether we might catch a glimpse of the vapor trail from here. I'm not holding my breath, because we are a long way away, and the launch azimuth is a bit south of due east.

Around 11 we will roll over to Doak Campbell Stadium on the FSU campus for lunch, after which we will head west to Pensacola and our next fuel stop. We should be somewhere just shy of Mobile tonight, and in New Orleans tomorrow night.

Photo by Phantom_Cameron, used under a Creative Commons license.

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  1. You guys definitely did good not sticking around for the Atlas. We returned to our spot to watch it, to only have it scrubbed in the last moments of the window.

    We're also supposed to get down to 34 tonight.. I thought Florida was supposed to be warm??


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