Saturday, February 20, 2010


We are at "The Oasis," the property of our friend Ara in a remote valley near Big Bend National Park. The closest town is Study Butte-Terlingua, but even that is some 30 miles from here. No map link today, in respect of privacy. We arrived Thursday afternoon after a nice drive along the rather desolate US-90.

We've had a wonderful visit, mostly just sitting around and chatting. Yesterday we pulled the scooters out and rode to Terlingua for lunch, with Ara and his dog Spirit in the lead on his sidecar rig. Spirit and Opal both have the same type of helmet and goggles ("Doggles"), and even though Terlingua would have been too far for Opal on the scooter, we did put her gear on for a photo opportunity in the sidecar with Spirit. It was very cute; she looks like a groupie.

Unsurprisingly, Ara knows everyone in Terlingua, and we enjoyed meeting several folks. Even in this remote place, there are neighbors, and we met a few of those as well. All nice people, as we have come to expect here in west Texas. We've also had some wonderful meals; Ara was an accomplished chef in his professional life, and has been doing all the cooking since we arrived.

This afternoon we will say our goodbyes and continue west on US-90; I expect we will be somewhere in the area of Valentine, Texas tonight.

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  1. Ahh -- I've spent many a day in the Big Bend area. I can see now that I need to venture downward and read your previous posts.

    Best wishes.


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