Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One pet short

We are parked in an industrial neighborhood on the northeast end of Bend (map). In addition to being quiet, out of the way, and free, it is also right across the street from some shopping and several restaurants, including Olive Garden, where we ate last night.

We are still in Bend because the vet decided to hold George overnight. After yesterday's hydration, urine sample, and X-rays, they decided she probably did not have more kidney stones, but may instead be on the cusp of some type of kidney disease. It is in the very early stage, if at all, and can be controlled with diet. I guess they wanted to run some more tests and observe her for another day, but we really miss her when she is not aboard.

We're scheduled to pick her up at 3, so in a few minutes we will roll out of here, stop at a fuel station where I spied $3.059 diesel last night, pick her up, then roll north out of town. Our next stop will be Redmond, where there is a $1.00 dump station at the Public Works department.

After we dropped George off yesterday, we stopped by the Les Schwab in the center of town to have the drivers rotated. We need to swap inners for outers, a laborious process because it involves dismounting and re-mounting the tires to the rims -- our inners are steel and outers are aluminum. The charge was a very reasonable $88, and it was not a moment too soon, as there was significant wear on the inner shoulders of the inner tires.


  1. Sending lots of love to for a healthy George! Kiki sends her a *meow*.

  2. Mojo says I sure hope George is getting better. Mojo also wants Opal to give lots o love to both of you while George is in the hospital. Go George Go, we're all rooting for you.

  3. Poor little George! My own little black and white kitty Hidie sends her love, and we all hope that George is back cuddling with you in the best of health very soon!


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