Monday, May 3, 2010

Customer service stopover

We are at Peninsula Glass, home of Motion Windows, in Vancouver, Washington (map).

In addition to providing excellent drive-in service for their products, these good folks also provide 30-amp electrical service for those arriving the day before. We were all alone when we arrived, and backed right up to the pair of receptacles.

Within an hour, an older class-A pulled in to the lot. Apparently the maiden voyage for this older couple -- he backed right into the building not once, but twice while jockeying around. The first time he just hit the bumper, but the second time he crushed the ladder into the building, and I heard a crunch of fiberglass when he hit. Ouch.

Despite the hookups, he continued to run his generator for an hour, until I finally went over to offer assistance, adapters, or whatever. The second receptacle here is a NEMA 5-20R, notwithstanding it has a 30-amp breaker. He did not have an adapter to go down to that size plug, nor was his cord long enough top reach from where he parked. I lent him my 50' adapter cord, already equipped with a 5-15P, so he could get plugged in and shut the genny down. Once that was done, we had a blissfully quiet night.

This morning I handed over the two screens with holes in them, courtesy of our feline passengers. I also pointed out the leak in the left front window, and now that they are done with the other coach, the service technician is here taking care of both front windows. He remembered us from our last visit, nearly five years ago. I expect they'll be finished in an hour or so and we will be on our way.

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