Saturday, May 15, 2010

For the rail fans

There is a short spur of the Union Pacific railroad that runs along the parking lot at Infinity Coach. About once a week, a train pulls a car or two to the factory across the street. It leaves about an hour later. I videoed the train from Odyssey's bedroom.

Our cats aren't impressed by much, but Angel did sit up and take notice. She wasn't nervous, though. Full-timer cats see a lot of heavy equipment.


  1. If you're interested in actually playing "engineer" on a Locomotive like this one, they have a 1 mile loop at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola, Ca. It was $90.00/hr (IIRC) last time I was up there!

    Marc Bourget

  2. "I videoed the train..."

    Sounds like some dialog one would hear in 'A Clockwork Orange.'

    Robert in Houston


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