Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ever-changing travel plans

Buses and Right Turns Only

We are at the Elks Lodge in Stuart, Florida (map), a familiar stop for us. On Monday I wrote that we'd leave the Delray Beach Elks for West Palm Beach on Thursday, but we decided instead to spend one more night there and bypass West Palm altogether, landing here instead, a bit further along our intended route.

That gave us a chance to try out Da Da, just a few blocks from our parking spot in Delray, on recommendation from reader, friend, and fellow blogger Where is Ben. It was quite good, and a perfect night for dining on the extensive patio. It also gave us a chance to walk into Stuart last night and eat at the Key Lime Cafe, kind of a mix between Caribbean and Southwestern cuisine. Again we had a nice evening on the patio, listening to Jimmy Buffet on the sound system, at least until the live music started at 7, which consisted of one white dude, who knew three cords, covering Inner Circle. We left before he made it all the way through Sweat (A la la la long). Bob Marley, or even UB40, he was not.

We thought about just staying here another night, as it's only about three hours to our site at Fort Wilderness from here. But there is a pancake breakfast here tomorrow morning, and we don't want to get parked in. The Stuart Air Show is going on this weekend, and we also don't want to take any chances with traffic or road closures delaying our departure. In a few minutes, we will head to Orlando and hope our stealth parking spot is available for one night.

Photo by Thomas Hawk, used under a Creative Commons license.

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