Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another training in the bag

how to collect cats 猫の採集法

We are parked at an undisclosed location in the greater Phoenix area. And by "we" I really mean Louise, the bus, and all the animals, as I myself am actually in Memphis at the Red Cross chapter office. We have just completed the second in a series of hands-on technology training sessions, and I am happy to report that the revisions and corrections we incorporated after the pilot event two weeks ago made for a mostly smooth and trouble-free experience this time.

This afternoon we need to pack and ship the equipment, and the chapter is providing lunch as they have done for the last two days as well. My flight does not leave until 7:30, much later than I would like but that's what was needed to get the fare down. I'll be back at the bus this evening. This will be my last training until the program comes to San Jose; now that the curriculum is done and working, more local instructors can pick it up in the successive cities.

We arrived in Phoenix around mid-day Wednesday, and rode the scooters downtown for dinner at our sole remaining restaurant investment there. This one, at least, is making enough money to break even, unlike the last two which went out of business in an agonizingly slow and painful way. As minority investors none of the staff recognizes us, which gave us a great incognito perspective into how the place is running, at least until the managing partner arrived. The food was quite good and the place has a nice vibe. It's called the Ghost Lounge and is situated in the historic Hotel San Carlos.

Tomorrow we need to get back under way in order to have a leisurely and pleasant drive to Death Valley, where we have reservations at the Furnace Creek Campground starting Thursday. I am hoping to top off our fuel as we pass through Las Vegas, as well, since it will be much higher in California.

Photo by * YUKO_M, used under a Creative Commons license.

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