Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hot and uphill

We are parked at I40 exit 109 in Arizona. Godfrey has connectivity through his iPad, so I'm borrowing it briefly for a quick post. Yesterday's drive was uneventful, but temperatures in the 90s made for hot times. We're both grateful to be at higher elevations and cooler temps.

The big event was filling the tank with the cheapest diesel between California and Memphis, in Kingman. Godfrey drives a Prius, and figured this would take him about 9000 miles. Yes, but his house would still be in Santa Clara!

Today's goal is Albuquerque.

All photos by Godfrey DiGiorgi


  1. Your comment about where Godfrey's house would be gave me a chuckle. I'm enjoying your trip. Thanks for blogging.

    Linda Sand

  2. I sure hope that was diesel you pumped into Odyssey because the pump in the picture looks like gasoline!

  3. It has been over two years since we have seen you, but if you make it ABQ tonight (May 7, 2011), we would love to say hi.

    Randy and Pam

  4. @Bill: It does look like a gas pump, doesn't it? But trust me, the big green diesel hose was very clearly marked.

    @Randy and Pam: If we make it all the way into the city tonight, and aren't completely exhausted, I'll email you. We were delayed a full hour this morning on I40 due to a big rig roll-over accident, so we might poop out a bit earlier than we planned. Thanks for following along!

  5. How much will you take for the bus?

    hugz... 8)

  6. Oh dear god, that makes me nauseated just looking at it. I'm so sorry! Just got back to Fort Collins. Cheapest diesel here is 4.05.

  7. You did well to get under $4/gal. Sure hope you get good mileage.

  8. i can imangine sean wasent thrilled about the dish being hit, but i think if you pumped $800 worth of unleaded into the odyssey there might be a divorce.... drive safely..


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