Sunday, July 24, 2011

Park hopping

Hop Scotch

We are at Sesqui-Centennial State Park, in Columbia, South Carolina (map). Once again we have a pedestal with both 30 and 20-amp outlets, more than enough to run two air conditioners as needed and keep us cool. Last night we rode the scooters the 12 miles into town to have dinner at the Capital City Club. With the heat index still over 100, it felt like a much longer ride.

As we have moved further into the flatlands, the heat index has increased. Our goal now is to get to the coast, where things are just a tad cooler. We could make it all the way there today, but we are always nervous arriving at a tourist area in high season on the weekend, even Sunday, as we might have difficulty finding a suitable parking spot.

Instead we are aiming for yet another state park, just west of Florence, for tonight. Tomorrow morning I will check in with the battery dealer to see when they expect the batteries to arrive in Myrtle Beach, and we'll plan our next stop from there. With any luck, they will have them on Tuesday, and we'd shoot to be on their doorstep Monday night.

On our way out of town this afternoon, we've arranged to meet up with some friends for lunch, just a mile or so from the park. With the batteries fully charged we should be able to run the A/C long enough to keep the pets cool while we eat.

Photo by ,zenera used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. Unfortunately, it's not much cooler here on the NC Coast...we're suppose to top out at 96º today, with an index well over 110º. Hope you get a bit of a break in the weather while visiting Myrtle Beach. Jamie - Wilmington, NC

  2. We stay at Sesqui often - I have a client in Columbia we route to visit a couple times during the year. Cute little park nestled in the city. Best wishes finding cooler temps and on the battery acquisition.


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