Wednesday, August 31, 2011

North Carolina Hurricane Irene relief

A local ARRL fellow took this photo of me hard at work in North Carolina. Our headquarters was a childcare facility in its previous life. The entire room is painted this lurid lime green. At least my desk is away from the incredibly amateur paintings of clowns, balloons and super heroes in the back hallway.

No complaints, though. We have running water, mostly working air conditioning, and lockable room to store our equipment. That's about as good as it gets for distaster relief work.


  1. my wife had me paint the kitchen,living room and the baby;s room that same putrid green.

  2. As the mother of a high school student who gave hours of her summer to painting "incredibly amateur" sea creatures on the walls of a childcare facility, thanks a billion for not complaining. Maybe you could repaint for them.

  3. You look happy and well. Running water is good. Keep up the good work.


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