Sunday, November 6, 2011

Indecision 2011


We are at the Walmart in LaGrange, Georgia (map). We had a pleasant, if short, drive here down US 27 from Cedartown. We stopped here, rather than pressing on to Columbus just another hour down the road, because we still have not made a decision about whether to head east or west, and making either choice now might take us around Columbus altogether. We toyed briefly with the idea of staying at the COE campground about ten minutes north of here, but decided it was not worth the $22, especially with the lake so far down as to be little more than a mud flat.

We did eventually connect with out boat broker, but he had no news that would help us make that decision. Which is to say that there are not really any boats to speak of that we could be looking at, other than a pair that are all the way on the west coast. I did drop an email to a fellow who is cruising Mobile Bay right now and looking to sell, but I have not heard back, and we don't want to make a beeline for Mobile if they are already en route to Florida, their stated destination.

And so here we are, another day later, and no closer to making a choice. So we will stay the course, which is basically due south. Looking at overnight options about three hours south of here, we will adjust our course just a bit to the east to intersect Albany, GA, where there is another Walmart (there is none on US27 south of Columbus until nearly I-10). It should be at least a couple degrees warmer there, and we'll be within a day of the gulf coast anywhere from Panama City to Steinhatchee.

Photo by NKPhillips, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. Well, rats. You mentioned being in Columbus, GA, and looking 3 hours south, that's Dothan, AL and I was hoping you'd be rolling through here! I was gonna suggest our elks lodge, and a stop at the National Peanut Festival, in full swing here. My girlfriend won 2nd place in the cake contest with her "Butter n Bacon" cake! Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Bacon -- yum!!

  2. @Debbie: Dothan was one of the places I considered for tonight's stop, diverting onto 431 out of Columbus. As it happened, though, we did not even make it to Columbus, as we ended up heading for Mobile right after I posted here. We're in Montgomery tonight. Details in my next update.


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