Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One night in LA

A bit of PAWN .....

We are at a Walmart in Alexandria, Louisiana (map). We've stayed here before; since that visit, Los Portales Mexican restaurant has opened across the street and we shared some tasty fajitas there last night. We also did some shopping in the store, and although they did not have my preferred brand, it's good to be back in the land of 5-liter wine boxes. Louisiana also has drive-through Daiquiri bars, so no surprise there.

We're speeding up our route plan just a bit in order to be in Austin for Friday morning. There have been some significant changes to the way we deploy computers and servers, and this is our opportunity to catch up on those and get trained before we have to use the new procedures in the field. If we didn't make it on Friday we'd have to wait across the weekend to Monday, which would make the schedule for Phoenix a bit tight for comfort.

I spent most of the morning wrapping up curriculum updates for the Disaster Technology Communications class, and in a few minutes we will make a quick visit to the mall next door before heading out. The new schedule will mean four hours of seat time tomorrow and Wednesday; we'll see how far we get today.

I had been toying with the idea of dropping in on the Silver Dollar Pawn shop, just a few blocks away, while we were in town, of "Cajun Pawn Stars" fame (no word on why anything in Alexandria constitutes "Cajun") -- who knows, maybe they'd make a decent offer on Odyssey. But I can't imagine what else we'd do there, and, really, the original "Pawn Stars" shop, in Las Vegas, is probably a more likely venue in which to sell a motor coach.

Photo by Nomad Thru Life., used under a Creative Commons license.

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