Thursday, January 26, 2012



We are in Bastrop, Texas, at The Wash House coin laundry (map), or as they call 'em in Texas, "washateria". Google seems to think it's called "Spin City Laundry" but that's not how the sign reads. We had not planned on doing laundry today, but George had an accident on the bed sometime yesterday, which we discovered when we turned in, so we spent the night under an afghan, with the bed covers in the shower. She's been drinking tons of water, a side effect of her kidney disease and the special food that goes along with it.

We were at the Walmart in Bryan, Texas (map) at the time, just next door to College Station. It was a quiet and convenient place to spend the night -- we parked in back near some storage containers. And the Bryan drive-through recycling center is conveniently located in the same Walmart parking lot, allowing us to rid ourselves of four large bags of recyclables, many of which we have been hauling around since before Florida.

I spent some time hunting for coin laundries before I hit the hay last night, and while there are perhaps a half dozen or more in the Bryan/College Station area, none was particularly convenient to the route, nor did I find one with a large enough parking lot to accommodate Odyssey. Bastrop was the next town on the route that showed any at all (there are supposedly four here in town), and this one was right on the route and with a large empty spot in the parking lot to boot.

After we wrap up the laundry we will continue west to the Red Cross maintenance facility in Austin, about another half hour or so. We have dinner plans with some friends there, and tomorrow we'll spend the day catching up on some new technology and procedures that are being added to our kit. We expect to leave Austin Saturday morning for Killeen.

Photo by jovike, used under a Creative Commons license.


  1. I'm glad you mentioned the cat. I've been wondering, but held off asking. It has been quite a while since you mentioned her (I think).

  2. Too bad Dallas and I didn't know you were in Bryan area overnight. Our CG is only about 35 miles from there and we could have come down and taken you guys out to dinner.


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