Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crossing the Divide

We are at a gravel turnout along NM-9, west of Animas, New Mexico (map). Yesterday afternoon we crossed the Continental Divide at just over 4500'. Our Day's End directory listed the mileposts of several of these parking areas, and we chose this one because it is closer to the lovely hills in the area -- the ones further east are more in the open plains.

We had a very nice drive along the border, which has now dropped south of us by quite a ways. A good 30% or so of the vehicles we saw on or near the road were, unsurprisingly, Border Patrol vehicles. We had almost no traffic pass us on the road last night, but the Border Patrol rolled by just inches away at barely above walking speed every couple hours. They are looking for foot sign in the soil here on the dirt frontage road, and every so often you will see them dragging tires behind a truck to make fresh loose soil where it is hard to disguise sign.

This is the first time we've done NM-9 without making an overnight stop in Columbus, which has a free spot behind the old depot as well as a nice state park. But this made for a nicer overnight experience, and we've visited Columbus as well as its sister town across the border before. Plus it means we will be in Sierra Vista this afternoon for our visit, which will restore our buffer day en route to Phoenix. We always like to have an extra day of breathing room for unexpected events.

Tonight we should be at the Elks lodge in Sierra Vista. The Walmart in town does not allow overnight parking, and we need water anyway. Besides, it's been getting down into the 20s at night, so a power outlet to top up the batteries as well as run the electric heaters will be welcome.


  1. Sean -

    Interesting that your "wandering" actually takes quite a bit of planning, doesn't it?

    Hadn't thought about it this way before, but after re-reading several older posts, I can see where this also pays off.

    Onward, my friend!


  2. Amazing the amount of planning that you put in Odyssey. The only thing I did not see is some sort of automatic fire detection/suppress system. Do you have one?.

  3. @RJ: Thanks for the comment.

    @Jose: We do not, and the reason is a long story that I do not want to share on the blog. However, I can recommend the system made and sold by my good friend Jim Shepherd, at RV Safety Systems. His system is top notch and definitely the one to have.

  4. Hello Sean, now that you are back on this side of the divide Christi & I would like to invite you to come speak (any topic) at our resort here in St. George, Utah, in return we would gladly comp your stay. Let us know. We would love to get a look at Odyssey! 1-435-237-two32two

  5. @Michael&Christi: Thanks for the offer. Our route plan basically runs Tucson-Phoenix-Kingman-Las Vegas-Death Valley, so St. George is probably not in the cards on this pass. One of these days, though, I am sure we will manage to finally meet up.


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