Monday, April 30, 2012

All-casino coastal tour

We are at The Mill Casino on Coos Bay, Oregon (map), just north of the town of Coos Bay in North Bend, which is nowhere near Bend. We've been here before, and they remembered us. Or more precisely, their computers remembered us. We had to update a few details at the RV park check-in when we arrived, as they had an old address and vehicle license in their database.

We're not actually staying at the RV park, which offers full hookups for, I think, $39, with discounts for play. We are instead in the oversize vehicle lot, where one can stay up to three nights free after signing in at the registration desk. It's actually a nice spot, offering views over the bay.

The casino no longer offers a "fun book" with coupons for the restaurants. But Louise spotted a promotion wherein we each got a few dollars in free play by sending a text message to the casino, which was then loaded on our players' cards. We had to update those, too, although we were again still in the database. We parlayed the free play into $5.75 in cash (woo hoo), making it another bargain stay.

They have several eateries in the casino, and we had dinner in The Plank House, the nicest of the lot, at a nice window table overlooking the bay. So we gave back the $5.75 and then some, but the food was good along with the local Oregon wines.

Shortly after we returned to the bus it started raining -- this is, after all, the Pacific Northwet -- and it's still raining now. The good news is that the upper windshield has not leaked a drop, so the repairs effected in Alameda seem to have done the trick. But this weather will make for a less pleasant drive along the coast, in contrast to the lovely weather we've had the last two days, and so we will probably turn inland at Reedsport rather than proceed all the way to Florence.

Tonight we will be in Eugene visiting with friends, after a quick stop at Northwest RV Supply for some replacement switches, and another fuel stop.

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