Thursday, April 5, 2012

A farewell to warmth

We are parked at the Valero truck stop and Wildhorse restaurant in King City, California (map). This is a familiar stop for us, being one of the few legal parking spaces along this stretch of 101. The Wildhorse also has a motel and full-service RV park which we can see out our window. WiFi is available for $6 per day, not that we need it.

We've eaten at the restaurant previously. For dinner it's a "why bother" kind of place, but they do a nice breakfast. We thought when we parked that we might partake, but neither of us was hungry enough this morning.

Last night we had a frost advisory here, and there were high winds past midnight. That combination made for a cold night, with outside temperatures in the 40s and no respite from the wind. It was 55 in the bus when we woke up, thanks only to our very good insulation. We'll be in Monterey tonight, and it's forecast to be cold there, too, causing us to question why we left the relative warmth of southern California.

We are scheduled to be at a Passover dinner in Menlo Park on Saturday. Between now and then we will spend two nights in Monterey, one of our favorite places, and get in a quick visit with Louise's dad and stepmom while we are there.

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