Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eastward bound

We are at the Snoqualmie Casino near North Bend, Washington (map). We've stayed here before, and we remembered it as a pleasant and convenient stop. Since then, however, the regular menu in the "nice" restaurant has instituted stratospheric prices not commensurate, according to reviews, with the quality of the food. Fortunately, on Monday nights they serve only a tapas menu in the bar, along with happy hour wine pricing, and that made for an inexpensive and pleasant meal.

This morning Sure Marine called to tell me they found nothing wrong with my pump. Of course, now that we're on our way out of town, going back for it is prohibitive, so we're having them send it to South Dakota. I'm now very puzzled about what went wrong back when we replaced it; perhaps my feeble efforts to disassemble it actually tightened up the seals, or else maybe the power wiring was marginal. In any case, it would appear I bought a very expensive replacement pump back then needlessly. At least we'll have a good working spare now, and we can probably port it over to the boat when we move, as we will want to have a similar hydronic system aboard.

I also received this morning an email from a friend urging us to reconsider the Hatteras 58 LRC. It occurs to me that we have not really shared much of our decision tree for the boat here on the blog, and I probably need to write up a post describing what we are looking for and how we have come to this point in the process. That's probably a fair bit of time to compose, and we need to be getting on the road shortly, so it will have to wait for another time. Suffice it to say that there is a method to our madness, even though I think we might be driving our broker to drink.

In a few minutes we will head over the Snoqualmie pass and into eastern Washington, also known as "the dry side." We'll make a stop at our current legal residence of Desert Aire, probably for the last time, and get our property there listed for sale, before continuing on to the Tri Cities to pick up the last of our mail from our old mail forwarding service.


  1. Ahhh, I wouldn't worry about it your broker probably already drinks. The decision tree is of interest to us though as a trawler and retirement were once part of our long term plan and who knows may become a part once again.

  2. Having followed your journey aboard Odyssey for so many years, it is a little sad to see it winding down. I hope you will continue to blog from your boat.

  3. Snoqualmie is probably the nicest and friendliest Washington casino I've visited - good choice for a stop.

  4. @JB: You are right, he already drinks. I'll be working on the boat-decision post shortly.

    @Rae: We will most definitely continue blogging, probably right here. After all, we will still be on an "odyssey" even if that is not the name of the boat. Expect posts to be further between, however, as Internet access will be more spotty and I expect to be much busier!

    @JWK: Hmm, I am guessing you have not been to some of the nicer ones further away. Snoqualmie is nice, and much nicer than the typical "card rooms" and even some of the Native American casinos around the greater Seattle/Tacoma area. However, further afield there are many that we find nicer still. Quinault and Tulalip are two that come to mind not too far away. BTW, you have a very interesting blog -- I'm not a tube guy myself, but it was great reading.


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