Thursday, May 3, 2012

Odyssey in good hands

We are at Infinity Coach in Sumner, Washington (map). As I have written here before, this is always a sort of homecoming for us, and it was good to catch up with the gang when we arrived yesterday. We have a secure spot with 30amps of power, and today I spent an hour or so going over the project list.

One of the principal projects on the list is to touch up the cabinetry finish, shop-worn over nearly eight years of full time living aboard. So it is good that we will be away for a few days, as the spray finish really should not be inhaled, and we don't want pet fur to get on the cabinets while they are drying. The cats will be in Puyallup at the PetsHotel there. They're already nervous, having watched us packing earlier today.

Louise will borrow the shop truck to take them over in the morning, while I busy myself removing the toilet. It needs to come out to effect repairs on the bathroom floor as well as replace the vinyl flooring in there. Since half the closet needs to be emptied to disconnect it, it makes more sense for us to do it rather than leave it to the crew while we are gone.

We'll get a lift over to the Sumner transit station around noon, and two buses will get us to the airport in time for our flight. We plan to celebrate our anniversary with a glass of cheap wine at 30,000', followed by a late-night arrival into Newark. We booked an airport hotel for the night, and my folks will come by in the morning and pick us up on their way to upstate New York. I suspect my next post here will be from the hotel in Queensbury.

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