Saturday, July 14, 2012

Duke vs. UNC

We are at the Birchwood RV park in Durham, North Carolina (map). We are more or less smack in the middle between UNC at Chapel Hill, and Duke University in Durham -- two of the three vertices of the "Research Triangle." It's basically a trailer park with a few transient spaces, but it was convenient and we have 50-amp, full hookups for $32 per night.

We came here to visit our niece, who in turn came here to visit the two aforementioned educational institutions. She is a junior in high school, and is working up the list of schools to which she will be applying. She and her mom drove down here from Charlottesville, Virginia, where she visited UVA. It is somewhat odd that our paths intersected here -- they live in California -- but it was right on our way to the coast, and we merely needed to speed up by a day to make the logistics work out. We had a great visit over dinners the last two evenings. Sorry, Tarheels, but I think she prefers Duke.

This morning we will pull up stakes and drive just a short distance to the third vertex of the Research Triangle, Raleigh, where Louise's cousins are on faculty at NC State. We should have another nice visit this evening, and tomorrow we will continue east to New Bern, where we are scheduled to meet with our broker Monday morning.


  1. It's funny, I finally 'know' where you two are and where you're headed. I was in New Bern about 3 months ago. Safe travels!

  2. My parents stayed at Birchwood RV park when they visited me in their coach several years ago. Small world.

    Oh, and GO DUKE! :-)


    1. Yes, small world... I don't suppose you have a friend in the admissions office? ;)


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