Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crossing Over

We are at the South Bay RV Park, a familiar stop for us (map). As I wrote the last time we stayed, this is actually a Palm Beach County park, notwithstanding the commercial-sounding name, just as was our last stop at John Prince. I believe these two parks are the only Palm Beach County parks with camping. Here we had a 50-amp full-hookup site for less money. It is notable that Palm Beach is so large, one can drive for well over an hour and still be in the same county.

There were only perhaps a dozen rigs here last night, and most of them left this morning -- probably weekenders. It's tempting to spend another night with the place to ourselves -- just as at John Prince, they have lightning-fast WiFi (new since our last stays at either park), and there's even a game room here with pool tables. But we need to be in Fort Myers tomorrow to look at a boat, and so we'll continue west to a Corps of Engineers campground along the Okeechobee Waterway, just 16 miles from the marina.

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  1. Enjoy your stay at WP Franklin Locks. That was one of our favorite local campgrounds when we had our motorhome!



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