Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Show me.

We are still in Missouri, at the Walmart in Clinton (map).  This is a bit further, in miles, than I had projected, but we actually drove less than four hours.  I think Street Atlas underestimated the size of MO-13, which is actually four-lane divided highway all the way here from Springfield.  We walked across the street to El Camino Real Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Today we will pass through Kansas City, where we will fuel up, and on to Saint Joseph and most of the way to Omaha for our final night before Sioux Falls.  Unfortunately, the efficient diagonal route will have us on the Interstate for most of the day.

Apparently, from some of the comments I received off line, I need to clarify yesterday's post.  I do not have 2,000,000 friends on Facebook.  I have two friends on Facebook named Million.  We've also stayed at their spread, Two Million Acres, which is really ten acres in size, if memory serves.  I tend to put puns or other word-play in my post titles, and sometimes I go overboard or get too obscure.  Mea culpa.


  1. I though it was a great pun. Surely the Millions have a million of them.

  2. You had to explain that??? Also a ceremonial wave as you pass us by here in Overland Park... Have a good trip!


  3. I'm still laughing, Sean, thanks!!

  4. Took me a second to parse the pun, but once I read the post it made sense & earned a groan. (as all puns should)

  5. You're just a punny guy, Sean, that's all there is to it!

  6. Being a pun lover myself, yours was easily noted. Loved it.



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