Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Winnemucca trucka

We are at a rest area just a few miles east of Winnemucca, Nevada (map).  Nevada has a very civilized 18-hour limit at state rest areas, allowing for a good night's sleep, and this one even has water and a dump station.  This latter item must be a new addition, since none of our guides listed it.  Unlike many rest areas, this one has an RV area that is separate from the truck parking, which is nice.

We arrived early enough yesterday that I was able to knock out a couple of projects, including fixing the screen door and adding oil to the engine and the oil reservoir.  We've been looking for 40-weight oil for the last few days, and yesterday we rolled through Elko on the business loop in the hopes of finding some.  The Napa there did not have any in stock, but sent me across the street to the local petroleum dealer, who had Castrol Assuron in gallon jugs.

Today we have a short day, as we plan to spend the night in Sparks to visit some friends there.  That's just three hours from here, and we'll use some of the extra time today to fuel up in Sparks or Reno, where my guide says there is some $4.159 diesel.  As much as I hate to haul a full load of diesel up over the Sierras, that will still be cheaper than buying any fuel in California.  I'll make up for part of it by using the dump station here before we leave; even though we are only about a quarter full, that's still over 400 pounds that we don't need to haul to the top of the hill.  For the same reason, we're keeping the fresh water down to just a day or two capacity, and we'll top up on the other side.

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  1. Did you see this? It might effect some of your parking decisions....


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