Sunday, June 15, 2014

More pilot house

This corner houses the ladder to the fly bridge. The full height wall unbroken by door or window is the logical place to hang coats and hats so we installed a group of hooks.

I'm glad to have this space. There are no hanging lockers (closets for you land lubbers) on this level and it keeps wet gear out of the salon. We've been on several boats that have no place at all to store coats.

Between the ladder and the wall is a thin angled slot, good for long skinny items like brooms, the ensign and pole, and rolls of marine canvas.

The basket holds stuff that is on its way downstairs. Our very steep stairs necessitate always holding onto the rail, even at the dock, so everything goes up and down the stairs in one hand. The basket patiently waits for the next trip. It is also a favorite napping place for cats, and they also like to scratch at it. I figure baskets are cheaper than repairing the built in furniture, so let 'em scratch.


  1. Hi Louise, you may not know us, we're Antipodes your sister ship, I've traded several e-mails with Sean in the past.

    Thanks for posting your pilothouse setup, it looks much like ours except we need to install a bookshelf like you have for all our cruising guides.

    Hope you are enjoying cruising this year, we spent the winter in Mexico and are heading back north to San Diego, San Francisco and then the Pacific NW for 2015 cruising.

    1. Randy, it's great to hear from you. Some day, maybe over a beer, we'd love to hear your Mexico (and FUBAR) report -- we'll get there eventually.

      Keep us posted on your progress up the coast. We get back to the bay area and/or the PNW about once a year, so if the stars align, we might connect.


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