Sunday, September 28, 2014

Comfort in the familiar

We are once again under way in the Chesapeake, on the final leg to the York River.  The bay is like glass today.  This morning found us in a very familiar place, anchored just outside of the Jackson Creek entrance on the Piankatank River (map).  We could see the docks at Deltaville Boatyard and Marina from there, although we were too far to get their WiFi signal.  We were treated to a spectacular sunset over Stove Point after dinner.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has written, either in the comments or directly, to express their feelings regarding George's condition.  It means a great deal to us that so many of you care.  Many who have met her know what a friendly and loving cat she is (well, except to other cats) and how much we will miss her.  As much as we love our other cat, Angel, she can never replace what George gave us.

Yesterday after I posted we were treated to a large pod of dolphins feeding; about a half dozen or so came over to play in our bow wave.  We learned long ago that Vector does not go fast enough for that to be fun for long, and we enjoyed them porpoising alongside us for only a couple of minutes before they got bored and swam off.  Still it is a wonderful sight, such strong, graceful animals swimming just a few feet below our eyes.

Today we had to thread our way among the participants in a sailboat regatta on our way out of the river, which is exactly what we had to do the last time we left Deltaville.  We spotted at least one boat we recognize from the yard, and we also recognized a friend who works at the yard.  Fortunately, the race had not yet started and we did not have to divert our course.

Our friends Martin and Steph aboard Blossom are also under way today, having left Baltimore early this morning.  Their latest blog post updated us on what we missed the last two days of the show.  Blossom is faster than Vector, being ten feet longer, and they will arrive in Yorktown just a day behind us.

Tonight we should be anchored in the York River.  We will time our arrival at the dock tomorrow for a favorable tide - I have some tricky maneuvering ahead without the thruster.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your special cat. We hope she stays comfortable. You have our deepest sympathy.


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