Friday, July 2, 2021

No more emails from this blog

I meant to get this posted before June ended, but it seems I am a day late and a dollar short. In the unlikely event that you have not already heard this: The Feedburner service, now part of Google (as is Blogger), is ending its subscribe-by-email feature this month. Those emails have possibly already stopped -- Google did not specify which date in July.

If you are one of the thousand or so people subscribed to this blog by email, those emails will stop (or have already stopped) coming. While I would love to find a way to keep them coming to you, as I write this, there are no good alternatives. A very spammy commercial service called Follow.It has been aggressively pursuing Feedburner's blog base, myself included, but after reviewing their privacy policies and seeing how awful the ad-laden emails from their free version are, we will not be moving our subscriber list to that platform (you will thank me later, I think).

If another platform comes along to fill this void, I will look into it. I will only consider candidates that give each subscriber an initial opt-in opportunity and do not harvest subscriber emails for those who opt out. Also, as this blog is not monetized at all (yes, I know, we're bucking the trend), it has to be a "free" solution. Knowing that all free solutions either sell advertising or sell subscriber details, we will evaluate the business model for how invasive it is before making any sort of decision.

In the meantime, if you want to check in with us, you'll need to bookmark this page, or follow Vector's twitter feed (no Twitter subscription required). I also cross-post to my Facebook page if you follow me there.

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