Sunday, June 12, 2022

Comment Bankruptcy

I was not planning to blog today, but I've just finished a couple of hours of catching up on comments and I think I owe it to our readers to say something.

I'm not sure why I am so bad at keeping on top of comments here. I think it may be because posting in the first place is so time-consuming, that I have it in my head that I can only tackle them when I have a block of time. Today, of course, that was true, but only because I let it get so far behind. I have no good excuse, so I will try to be more timely in the future.

When I sat down to do it, with a solid five-hour open-water leg ahead of me, I was absolutely gobsmacked to realize that I had unpublished and unanswered comments dating back a full year. Some comments made it through the impenetrable wall, mostly ones that Louise published while I was in the hospital, and some even got answers, but those were the exceptions.

In any event, I've gone through the entire stack. If you posted a comment here in the past year and never saw it appear on the blog, it should be there now. If you asked a question or otherwise left a comment that needed answering, I think I have posted answers to all of them. I did not publish duplicates, for those who tried to post the same comment multiple times, and there was one comment that included an actual telephone number for the commenter and I have withheld that one, since I don't think it's wise to publish working phone numbers here in plain text.

If something got missed, or you are still waiting for an answer to something, or if you just want to berate me for being lackadaisical about the comments, please leave a comment on this post, and I promise to address it post haste. I will return to my regular bloviation in the next post.


  1. Just your social media presence could be a full time job…unpaid that it is. Glad to catch up with your comings and goings here since we weren’t able to do it in person either direction this past season. Hugs to that woman you sleep with. Bert & Ditto’s parents otherwise known as anonymous 😎


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