Saturday, December 11, 2004

Addendum to tonight's post:

I forgot to mention that we took another ferry today, Odyssey's third voyage this trip. Once again, everyone on the ferry either stared or actually struck up a conversation with us. It was the Mayport Ferry.

Also, here's where we are. One of our readers has pointed out that I've been inconsistent about posting the map link in the blog. Actually, he really said that whatever automation I'm using is not working. So, to clear things up: I'm not using any automation. I need to go into the Datastorm Users map (the one we try to update each time to go on-line, accessible from our home page) and pull up our lattitude and longitude coordinates, which I then cut-and-paste into the URL from MapQuest. Then I cut that whole URL and paste it here. It takes a couple of minutes to do it each time, and if I forget to do it before we change locations, the exact coordinates are lost. I'd love to be able to get this down to just a couple of mouse clicks, or, even better, to automate it completely so that the map link posts to the blog every time we update the Datastorm map. If you know an easy way to do this, shoot me an email. (Writing actual code is probably out of the question -- it's been so long since I actually programmed anything that I don't even have development tools on any of these machines -- only a simple HTML editor.)

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