Sunday, January 30, 2005

Hmmm.... Usually when I make a new post to the blog, I then go to the blog to make sure it came through OK, and, in particular, any map link I post actually brings up the correct map. So I just did that with today's post, below, and was surprised by the MapQuest result at various zoom levels. It shows us as being right on the highway. Of course, this is really the old highway, which is now partly under the lake. The new highway is actually also shown, but it appears as a smaller gray line a bit to our west, and, at the right zoom level, is incorrectly labeled as the old highway.

We find this sort of database error quite frequently on our GPS and on Street Atlas, but we expect those databases to be somewhat out of date. MapQuest has newer data, usually. Also, it's more common for only the old alignment to show at all -- when new alignments are in the database, they are usually correct. In any case, we are not really camping on the highway! We're just off the old alignment, several hundred feet from the new highway.

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