Monday, January 24, 2005

Today I called Stewart & Stevenson, the megalithic multi-state Detroit Diesel/Allison dealer which has a branch nearby in Corpus Christi. We need to get our engine oil changed, as well as the fuel filters, and I want them to have a look at the engine to assess why we are leaking so much oil (we leave a few drops everywhere we go, and we are consuming about a quart every 500 miles). We'll also have them top off the tranny and the now-seeping rear end. Anyway, they said to bring it by first thing in the morning tomorrow, so we opted to hold off on getting the mail till then as well. No doubt we will spend a good deal of time waiting in line at S&S, so we'll pull a motorcycle out and one of us will run into Ingleside where the mail is (we hope).

That left us with a free day today, which we spent walking the beach, checking out the visitor center, and getting a couple projects done around the coach. All in all a lovely day here on Padre Island.

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