Saturday, January 15, 2005

We are at Buccaneer State Park (really!) in Mississippi, after a very pleasant drive along the gulf coast. Biloxi and Gulfport evidenced far less storm damage than we saw further east, and these casino resort areas had a lot of incentive to clean up right away.

We are following US-90 along the coast, and will likely take this all the way into the big easy. Finding a place to park in New Orleans has proven to be a bit of a challenge -- right now, it looks like we will shoot for the state park in Westwego. We'll spring for a cab to the French Quarter, where walking down the street with a Hurricane (the cocktail) in your hand is not only legal, but de rigeur.

We've received a number of emails lately about the blog, and it's rewarding to know so many people are actually reading it. Of course, this increases the pressure to actually post on some kind of regular basis -- I'd like to try to post at least weekly, and hopefully more often. We've been having a great deal of difficulty with the satellite service of late, so there is always the chance that we will be "off the air" for a few days at a stretch.

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