Friday, January 28, 2005

We are at Falcon State Park, on the Rio Grande, or, more accurately, on Falcon Reservoir which is part of that river (map).

When we arrived here around 4:00 this afternoon and asked if there were any campsites left, the ranger at the gate said "no." Almost as an afterthought, she added "unless you want a site with water only." We've learned now to always ask about primitive or "no-hookup" sites, because some rangers and camp hosts seem to think that anyone in a motorhome needs to have hookups, or a minimum of electricity. In any case, we allowed that we didn't need any kind of hookups at all, and they assigned us to a space in the "primitive" area. Once again, as luck would have it, this area is better situated than the developed areas. We have a wonderful view of the reservoir from our penthouse window, and can see right across to Mexico. (The price we pay for this is having to listen to the border patrol's speedboats whizz by.) The developed sites, as far as we can tell, have no view whatsoever. On top of that, we paid only $8 for this great spot.

We're not very far from where we started the day, on account of working on the levelers. Wal-Mart turns out to be a pretty good place to do such work... they seem to tolerate it, and they have a reasonable hardware department in case something needs to be picked up in a hurry. In any event, I spent a good half hour wedged under the bus between the drive and tag axles getting the leveler out and installing my jury-rig stand-in spacer bar. Setting up chocks, cones, tools, etc. etc. of course took longer still. I'm happy to report that the spacer bar has held up thus far with no problems. Unfortunately, now that I have the linear actuator out, I can see that fixing it will be no small feat. I have sent an email to the manufacturer for assistance.

Tomorrow we will head into Laredo.

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